Jul 06 2012

Dream Captive

Laying in bed, in that hazy spot between awake and asleep, I start to think about you. It’s not the only time during the day when I think about you, but in the other times I’m at work or in some other situation where I can’t really let myself go, so I retreat from the thoughts of you and force myself to focus on something else.

But as I’m going to bed, I indulge in decadent thoughts of you kissing me and caressing me with your hands. I pull you on top of me and wrap my legs around you, feeling your hardness press against me.

You know what I want, what I need, what I’ve been waiting for for so long. You enter me and I gasp. It’s a gasp of pleasure, of relief, of need, of longing.

You lean down and kiss me deeply. I tighten my legs around you and surround your shoulders with my arms, pulling you into me. As I do, I pull you into my dreams my with me.

You’re my captive for the night. My dream captive. I’ll do everything to you that I’ve been almost desperate to do, but I can’t do during my waking hours because you’re so far away.

I won’t release you until morning, and even then I won’t release you because I want to, but because the daylight will come to reclaim you, ripping you away from me until I can capture you again.

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