Dec 27 2012

Don’t You Hate It When…..

… you have to come into the office on your vacation to let the phone guy in, so you decide to work on configuring your new computer while he’s doing his thing and it’s frustrating because Windows 8 is brand new and a bit strange, and the strangest thing so far is that there’s a little (not so little) space on the home screen that scrolls through all the photos in your picture folder, whether you want them to or not, and you really don’t want them to because you have some photos in there that no one should see at work, but you can’t finish the job because the phone guy comes up from the basement to explain what he did and, even though he’s a very attractive young man, you’re not into him because you’re a little annoyed with him because he’s the reason you had to come in to work on your vacation, even though it’s not his fault, so you turn your chair around to talk to him and he’s explaining…. Blah blah blah…. And it’s all bullshit anyway because he’s saying he couldn’t finish the job because someone somewhere didn’t do something right and he needs to come back on Friday which means you’ll lose another day of vacation, and you’re getting even more annoyed when you notice that he’s not looking at you anymore; he’s looking over your shoulder, and you turn around to see what he’s looking at and you see a picture of JJ’s cock in your ass on your monitor, and you close your eyes even though you know that won’t make it go away and it won’t make the phone guy disappear, so you turn around and now the phone guy is smiling at you as he says, “I’ve never seen that in an office before”…..?

Yeah, I hate it when that happens.


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  1. Anonymous

    When you want to get away…

  2. sin

    I think maybe on Friday you should get those pictures off of there.

  3. Clem

    I laughed

  4. All About Love And Sex

    Indeed quite embarrassing, happened to me too. The screen for not reason just hung there and someone walked past and caught me watching some juicy pictures!

  5. Lola

    All in a day’s work!

  6. ~McK

    so with Win8 make sure you go to settings whilst in photos mode and deselect “share” or “show”… 😉 I had to do that when i realized that by doing the cool thing of adding all of my various accounts, it literally had all of my pictures and writings in one spot 😲 so i went in and “hid” a lot of files. a lot-lol. that said, happy holidays Ms. Kat, I hope the New Year is frisky, fun and you get your fill of JJ, literally and figuratively 😃… i hope to have pictures of my “jj” in my ass to hide on my computer as well!

  7. Max

    Bwahahahaha…. 🙂

    No, I love it when that happens. Oh, you mean if it happened to *me*? Yeah, I’d hate that. 😉

  8. Kat

    So, I removed all questionable photos, even before I read McK ‘s Windows 8 advice (thank you for that, by the way!)

    I’m glad you guys found it amusing. I can laugh about it, too…. NOW. haha

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