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Do you know…..

steroids prednisone 20 mg … hard it is not to burp, cuss, fart or scratch inappropriately for three full days?  Trust me, it’s not easy.  When you go on a regular “date,” you just have to hold it together for a few hours.  Anyone can do that.  That’s amateur stuff. Being on your best behavior for three days puts you in the Prowling Big Leagues.

acquistrare zenegra online a Verona That was me over this last weekend. SNS Guy’s flight was delayed on the day we were supposed to meet, so I made the best of the time – had lunch with a friend, did some shopping, went to a movie.  When I finally picked him up at the airport, we were both tired. That’s not exactly how you want to feel at that first moment. The hair and makeup which had been perfect in the morning were replaced with disheveled and droopy hair and some light circles under the eyes that were becoming more dark.  Picture wild raccoon.  Got the picture? It wasn’t pretty, but it was still wonderful to see him – and he looked great. Took my breath away, to be honest. I had been waiting a while to see those kind eyes. He was almost exactly as I expected, which is nice, isn’t it? Those of you have been surprised at a first meeting will know what I mean.

He was charming, funny, a great kisser, and he treated me like a queen. There are other things he was very good at and other awesome things he did, but he asked me not to blog about the details of our time together, particularly the intimate details. Of course, I’ll respect that.

I know you’re disappointed because you were looking for a bunch of hot and sexy details. All I can do is give you a few cues and let your imagination do the rest of the work.

Clue: Hours and hours and hours in bed.
Clue: Candles it throughout the room.
Clue: Lots of lube.
Clue: Insatiable Kat.
Clue: Pleasurable afterglow.
Clue: Not enough sleep.
Clue: Very romantic meal(s).
Clue: Lots of physical contact.
Clue: More insatiable Kat.
Clue:  Sad goodbye.

Got the idea?


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  1. Advizor54

    While I love the summary as much as anyone else, I still go back to the addage that a picture is worth a 1000 words.

    Write us a novel Kat.


    I’m sincerely glad you had a good time.

  2. Krazy

    It is very selfish not to let you share with your readers. Just saying….

    Glad you had a great time. Sorry about the sad goodbye, but it’s what normally happens when you find someone that connects with you at a deeper emotional level. I am sure you will handle it well.

  3. Tom

    Those are some great clues, but I think I need a few more… 😉

  4. Pam P

    Ummmm, Mr SNS you cannot get involved with a sex blogger and then not allow the sex to be blogged about!!!

    I am very glad you had a wonderful time, Miss Kat 🙂

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