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Deer Antler Velvet Daunt… W…T…F? What on earth are you talking about?? Deer Antler Velvet??

side effects of accutane Yes, you heard me, Deer Antler Velvet. This was the first ingredient I saw on the little black pill bottle my brother handed me. You’re curious now aren’t you? Yeah, I thought so. But but let me back up a few days.

follow For those up to speed you may recall from the DauntlessD Exposed post that my marriage was ending and that I was going to move my wife to the East coast. To make this happen I needed help and recruited my brother; we’ll call him BruceD

acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Venezia I had rented a large truck and was going to drive it from Sacramento to the Boston area and wanted to do it in a short amount of time. Bruce took off the time from work to give me a hand and, due to his own circumstance, needed a place to stay. Upon our return he’d be moving into one of the spare rooms I had available.

enter I’m driving the truck and we’re on highway 80 not far from Chicago. The steady drone of the engine has been in our ears for nearly two-and-a-half days. I look over at Bruce and he is intently fiddling with his phone, it looks like he’s entering something. I raise my gaze back to the road; It’s not uncommon for him to be playing with his phone. Bruce asks, “Hey bro, what’s your address?”

“Um, why?”

“I’m ordering something and I need to have it shipped there.”

I give Bruce my address and he punches away at the touch screen on his phone.

I’m curious. “So what’d you order Bruce?”

Bruce looks over at me with a mischievous, sly glint in his eye and a Cheshire grin spreading across his face. “You’ll see soon enough.”

We complete the move and a day after we’ve been back in Sacramento the mail arrives. A small package addressed to BruceD is there with three lumps in it.

“Hey Bruce, you got something here.”

“Cool! They’re here already!” With a chuckle he begins tearing into the package. Reaching into it he hands me a small black bottle with red lettering.

I read the bottle and my eyebrows begin to climb higher and higher on my forehead. I clear my throat. “Dude are you serious? Hot Rod, male enhancement pills?” Turning the bottle around I look for the ingredients. “Deer Antler Velvet?” The skepticism oozes from my voice and I hand the bottle back.

Bruce grins widely. “Boner pills bro! They’ll make you feel 20 again!” He laughs and heads to his room.

As I watch him go I roll my eyes and shake my head. BruceD is nearly 8 years younger than I am, and I am 41. As of yet I have not had any ED type symptoms, so I’m pretty sure he hasn’t either.

Bruce strolls out of his room still smiling. “I’m telling you dude, it’s not like Viagra, or something that gives you a quick hard-on. It just helps your own body do what it does naturally. You gotta try it!”

He drops a single gold capsule about the size of a typical allergy pill in my palm. It feels weightless. His eyes glint clearly amused with my skepticism. With a sigh I close my hand over the pill and carry it back to my bedroom dropping it into my shaving bag on the nightstand.

The phone rings, it’s Madison.

“Daunt, you’re going to kill me!”

I can hear the disappointment in her voice. “What’s up?”

“Well… I made a mistake in my schedule and I can’t see you next week. I’m sooo sorry!”

My heart sinks. I was only expecting to have to wait a week to see Madison again and now we were talking two. “I understand… stuff happens.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I feel terrible. I don’t want to wait two weeks either.”

“Hey, what if I come to you? Maybe we can spend a little time together that way?”

She replies, “Oh! That could work! Tomorrow I only work a half day, we could have lunch and spend the afternoon together!”

“Great! That’ll be perfect I’m free tomorrow.” I begin to laugh, “Hey get this, Bruce ordered some kind of male enhancement pills. I looked at the ingredients and the first thing I saw was deer antler velvet; can you believe that?”

“Deer what?!”, she laughs. “What kind of result does he really expect from that!?”

I call out to Bruce, “Hey bro, Madison thinks your nuts too! She’s asking what kind of result you really expect from that junk.”

“Oh, I know the result! The result is sore women.” Bruce yells back amused.

With a laugh Madison and I say our good-byes and hang-up.

I wake the next morning with Madison on my mind. She can’t meet me until noon so the minutes tick off the hours way too slowly. Finally I’m preparing to leave and I text her.

Daunt: Hey I’m about to head out the door.

Madison: Good I can’t wait to see you.

I walk back to my bedroom to grab my wallet and keys. I reach the nightstand and look down. As if by some magnetic pull my eyes are immediately drawn to the gold capsule lying innocently in my shaving bag. Hot Rod. Suddenly I’m overwhelmed with curiosity. BruceD’s amused face flashes in my mind. Boner pills bro! It’ll make you feel 20 again! I decide to text Madison again.

Daunt: Bruce gave me one of his pills, what do you think?

Madison: Hahaha, you want to try one? Seriously?

Hmmm, maybe Madison isn’t as curious as I am… I read her last text again. A tug-o-war within me begins: scoff and leave the pill behind, or take the mystery pill and not tell Madison. Then another text message comes in.

Madison: Well… I don’t know… maybe it would be fun! Hehe, but you do what you want.

Ah-ha! She is as curious as I am!

Daunt: I’m taking it, then I’m out the door. See you soon 🙂

Bruce told me the Hot Rod folks claim it will take effect in as little as 20 minutes, but his own personal experience was more like 45. It will take me roughly that long to get to the hotel room I’ve arranged. I grab the gold pill from my shaving bag and pop it in my mouth with a drink of water. The crazy pill floats! Again I question whether there really is anything in the caplet at all. Shaking my head I walk to the car. The drive takes longer than I expect. About 10 minutes from the hotel I find my cheeks itching slightly; I wonder if this is Hot Rod or just my imagination.

I arrive and check-in. Madison arrives shortly thereafter toting Chinese food. We are both a little nervous. We had been with each other sexually a couple of times prior, but this is the first time we had scheduled sex. The other times we were together there was some other main event — like wine tasting and a stay at a B&B — the sex was an indulgence that just naturally occurred; like dessert after dinner. This time sex was the dinner.

We finish our lunch with chit-chat and catching up. Our anxiety falls away and we embrace near the bed trading deep kisses. I sit on the bed and pull her to me. Pealing off her shirt and bra. My mouth hungrily finds one nipple then the other. My hands caress all the bare skin they can find. Soon all of our clothing is in a heap on the floor and we are laying on the bed exploring one another.

Deep slow kisses. Caresses. Nipples pinched and suckled. My hand glides over Madison enjoying the feel of her bare skin. Up her thigh it slides, as I kiss her my fingers slip into her wet folds. We both draw in a breath as I feel how aroused she is.

The tip of my finger is inside her as I say “I want to taste you”, half growl, half whisper. She arches her back and moans. I stand up next to the bed and grab her thighs pulling her to me easily across the mattress. Then I kneel between her legs pushing her knees up. “Oh!” she gasps as my warm tongue makes contact with her pussy. “Mmmmmm…” as it slides over one lip and then the other. My fingers gently part her leaving her swollen clit before me. I make gentle then more forceful lavish circles over her sex, listening to her response. Sooner than expected she’s climaxing and I’m slipping fingers inside her to rub her g-spot; sucking on her clit riding her through her orgasm.

I climb back onto the bed. More deep kisses. More touching. Tenderness. Her blue eyes look back at me expectantly. Softly I ask, “Are we okay?” Madison nods her head yes and kisses me. I climb on top of her and enter her slowly. Soon we are rhythmically rocking, bodies tight, looking into one another eyes. I watch as she begins to bite her lip. She closes her eyes then her fingernails are raking my arms. She shudders beneath me. “Ohhhh Dauunnnt…” With my cock I can feel her cumming and it spurs my own arousal. A primal switch is flipped within me and I buck against her. “Ooooh yesss!” I hear myself groan as I pulse insider her again and again. In a heap we fall against one another. Hot. Sweaty. Breathless.

Though our bodies are heated we continue to hold and caress one another. We chat. We kiss. Fingers trail over one another as we bask in the closeness and pleasure that was shared. Then the surprise happens…

What was it, 10 minutes? Certainly no more than 20 and my cock is at full attention; standing strait and tall. Now this isn’t totally unheard of for me, but I will say that it had been quite some time; I’m in my early 40s after all. The shocker is that I am rock hard, as hard if not harder, than I was the first time.

Madison’s hand slides down my belly discovering my very stiff cock. “Wow… already? Maybe there is something to this Hot Rod stuff…” she exclaims.

“Yeah, no kidding! I think you might be right! I really didn’t feel any different. It’s not like I got an erection when I wasn’t supposed to or something.” I reply.

“I didn’t say anything earlier, but you actually felt different inside me. You felt… harder.” she says.

All I can do is smile as I climb out of bed and stand up. I pull her close to me and ease myself inside her. I’m standing and she’s on her back on the bed, a new position for us. Holding her knees I’m relishing the pleasure I feel. I look down at Madison and find she is looking at me, blue eyes piercing, with an intensity I had not seen before. Her arms are wide apart as possible, hands clenching the sheets, knuckles white.

“Right there! Oh… Right there! Daunt… Don’t stop! Don’t Stop!” she gasps. With a bit more verve I continue pumping at the angle I was enjoying. Madison throws her head back, eyes closed and begins to shudder. I smile as her thighs begin to shake and watch as her toes pull down into a tight curl. “Daunt! Daunt? DAUNT? OOOHHHH MY GOD DAUUUNNNNTTT!!” she cries. We collapse into a pile of limbs giddy with pleasure and exertion.

I hadn’t cum again, we catch our breath and find I still have a piece of iron between my legs. I climb on top and settle in between her legs. I slide into her easily and grind, hard slow and deep. She cums again. Then to my surprise I find that familiar sensation welling up within me slow and strong like an ocean wave. As Madison begins to cum yet again, I urge myself on with increased vigor. “Oh GOD!” I moan cumming again, the wave crashes into the rocks and sprays forth. Madison gasps. Then before I can help it… I giggle!

Madison chuckles. “What’s so funny?”

The grin is wide across my face. “I’m sorry I was just surprised. I didn’t think I could cum again that quickly! That pill was no joke!”

Madison’s smile beams back at me. “Ummmm… tell Bruce… Ummm… I said thank-you!”, she laughs.

“Yes! Who knew deer antler velvet could be so good?” I reply with a satisfied chuckle.

Just so you all know, I tried to contact the business that sold BruceD their product. I had hoped to be able to provide a link for our PWK readers, maybe even a little discount. However they never replied to my email. There are several “Hot Rod” male enhancement products out there, if you would like to try the one I did send me an email and I’ll give you their web address.

Note: After recently posting a comment and mentioning high blood-pressure and heart conditions etc, we felt we it important to stress that none of the PWK authors are doctors, myself included. Make sure to consult your doctor before trying Hot Rod or similar products.



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  1. Mike

    can you post the link here?

    or email it to me at:

    sesso6915 at


  2. DauntlessD

    Mike, I sent you the link, let me know if you didn’t get the email.

    My email address is in the side-bar, but I’ll put it here too: dauntlessdreamer at

    Since I’m getting some requests, I thought I would let you know the only side-effect I ran into. Both Bruce, my brother, and I felt a little head congestion. It seemed to occur roughly 90 minutes after taking Hot Rod and then was gone in less than an hour. However considering that it would give me a boost for a minimum of 24 hours I felt it was trivial.

    Even after I came the second time I was hard again in roughly 10-15 minutes. I was thoroughly impressed.

    You gents out there with high blood pressure or heart conditions be careful. Many of the products out there will contain things like Yohimbe that can raise your heart rate. My brother made a point of finding a product that did not and can be taken with alcohol, but I still urge caution.

  3. Ethan Lambert

    How funny! I experimented with Viagra a while back on a “just because” basis and found that it made no difference at all… but then I’m only 28, and it was really designed for me to begin with 🙂

  4. Nerdy Wife and Funny Husband

    Interesting. I never would have thought that those kinds of pills would actually work.

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