Oct 22 2014

Death by Natural Causes

Here is our very first official Your Stories submittal, a piece of fiction.  Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.  Enjoy!

Death by Natural Causes

By T-Ray Bond

bulletI feel something soft against my back. I also feel a hard nipple. I’m awake enough to realize the breast and nipple set have a twin close by. Both belong to LuAnn and LuAnn belongs to Jack. Jack is not only my boss, but the biggest drug lord in town.

You can call me Mack or you can call me fucked. With LuAnn next to me, in my bed and in her birthday suit, I’m both.

“I love you, Mack.”

I roll over, she rolls on top. “This kind of love can get us killed,” I say.

“Screw him,” she says. Her hips do a dance. My rod does a standing ovation.

“Screwing him won’t get you killed; screwing me will.”

“Speaking of that.” Her thighs straddle me. My rod slips in… cancel that… my rod slams in. She slams back.

“I love you, Mack!”

Who am I to argue? I’m a killer not a debater. She begins the rhythm. I keep up as best I can. From her throaty moans, my best seems good enough. We wore ourselves out last night but it appears we’ve recovered.

My daddy; dead over five years ago, used to tell me that thinking with the little head could lead to a bullet in the big head. I heard him each time he said it, but unfortunately, my little head is deaf. Sometimes being handicapped has its advantages.

“Oh, Baby,” squeals LuAnn. She starts a strong grind. I arch my back and push my hips up. I’m an exercise machine and she’s burning calories faster than a forest fire burns trees.

My father died by natural causes. They found him in an alley with three bullets in his chest. He was a contract killer. Bullets anywhere in the body or head is pretty much death by natural causes for people in our line of work. I’d like to avoid ‘natural causes’ if possible. LuAnn humping on top of me doesn’t really support that desire.

“Baby, I’m getting there again,” whispers LuAnn. It’s a loud whisper. We’ve been ‘there’ enough times in the last eight hours to declare residency.

I feel her quiver; hear her say something less than intelligible and I look up into glazed eyes. I know what this means and I rush to finish with her. We finish in harmony, though ‘finish’ isn’t the right word. LuAnn is into her ‘little hits’ and I’m sapped from my ‘big hit’.

LuAnn soon collapses on top of me. Her breasts are moist, my chest is wet. We kiss, and the hell with morning breath.

“I love you, Mack.”

“I love you, LuAnn.”

“What are we going to do?”

“Keep doing what we’re doing.”

“What about, Jack?”

“Jack will soon be dead by natural causes,” I say.

“Are you sure?”

“That’s what my little head wants. That’s what my big head says.”



© Copyright 2014 T-Ray Bond. All rights reserved.

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