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viagra drug coupons May 03 2013

Cooking Up Trouble Yep, Cara’s cooking up trouble again.  Doesn’t she look good enough to eat? Where would you start?



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  1. Ryan Beaumont

    clomid drug lawsuits Oh Cara I love the eclectic combination of the hard wood floors with the Art Deco look of your kitchen. And nothing is sexier than a woman baking.

    As Cher says in clueless “when a boy comes over always have something baking.” Seeing as I’m completely clueless I’d love to come home and see you baking!

    What are we fixing might I ask! 🙂

  2. Advizor54

    Where do you start? With the hostess, of course, then you make your way to the kitchen help.

  3. Cara Janes

    Well, I was baking chocolate chip cookies, which are undeniably the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet. But, for you, Ryan, I would bake anything your little heart desires. And then I’d do your laundry. 😉
    Thank you both for your lovely comments. <3

  4. goode14

    I’d start by warming up and taste-testing the hostess, and then whatever she’s cooking!

  5. Ryan Beaumont

    Sounds delish Cara! If I had your e-mail I’d send you my pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. As it is I don’t so here it is:

  6. Cara Janes

    Oh excellent. Can’t wait to make these! When you comin’ over? 😉

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