Nov 04 2011

Come on, +1 Me…and I’ll Give You Naked Pictures

You know you want to.

Do you see that little +1 icon at the bottom of each post? That’s like Google’s version of Facebook’s “Like” button.

Go ahead.  Go down there and press it.  Push my button, Baby.

Why? Because I’m a Google whore.

I know what you’re thinking. “Kat, if you were a real Google whore, you would have all of your posts optimized for search.”

True.  So, I’m a closet Google whore.

Here’s how it works… The more you +1 me, the more attention Google gives us.  The more attention Google gives, the more readers we get. The more readers we get, the more leverage I have to convince Cara to take off her clothes for HNT photos.  The more Cara takes off her clothes, the happier we all are.

Get it?

So, +1 me.  A lot.

You know you want to.

1 comment

  1. Southern Sir

    Well when you ask that way, you’re simply irresistible.

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