Dec 18 2012

Christmas Hydrangea

JJ gave me this lovely hydrangea plant today. While you may or may not be impressed, I was. It was a very thoughtful gift for several reasons. First, it’s not easy to find a gift I can keep. Roses would be lovely, but I couldn’t bring them home or keep them, but I can explain hydrangeas. I love to garden. Anyone could have given me hydrangeas or I could have picked some up myself.

But there’s more.  All flowers have a meaning. Hydrangea flowers represent heartfelt, deep feelings when given as a gift. They also express thankfulness to a person with an understanding heart. Isn’t that sweet?

I’ll plant them outside my window and think of JJ whenever I look at them.

Take note, Gentlemen. Simple, but meaningful, wins every time. At least it does with me.


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  1. Ryan Beaumont

    I agree, I always like to give the gift of consumption (e.g. wine, chocolate, etc.).

    How does a spa appointment sound, that’s what I’m thinking about for my special someone.

  2. Advizor54

    I love the flowers and I’d be really impressed if JJ actually knew what they meant instead of saying, “Look at the purdy flowers….”

    And Ryan… A spa appointment is only good if she likes going to the spa. If that’s not her thing then it will go over like a lead balloon. Believe me, I have an unused $100 spa coupon still sitting on the shelf.

  3. JJ

    Look at the purdy flowers!!!

  4. Advizor54

    I’m glad you were paying attention…


  5. Kat

    JJ, you’re hilarious!

    Ryan- I would *love* a spa certificate, mainly because I’ve recently learned that I’m a massage addict. But Advizor is right. Make sure *she* likes going to a spa before you go that route.

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