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Checking In….

discount warehouse rogaine propecia cheap Hi,  Prowlers. I thought I’d check in and report on my state of mind, sex life, etc. Let’s start with the most important thing – sex. Sex with Hubby has been non-existent lately.  We’re going through a little rough patch, which explains some of it. Then there’s the fact that I’m up late working into … Continue reading »

go to site Aug 01 2014

The Great Dane and The Pomeranian

prednisone non-prescription to purchase I went to the doctor yesterday about a groin pull I got over a month ago. Why did I wait a month?  Because I assumed it would just get better on its own, of course.  But it didn’t and the pain was getting to be too much, so I finally relented and got some medical … Continue reading »

Jul 21 2014

Falling for Tall Guy

I met Tall Guy on AM in early January. At first there was nothing that really stood out about him except for the fact that he’s tall and he’s a decent writer, which is not common among men on AM.  Trust me on this. It’s not that I’m a writing snob, but when your only …

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