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see Nov 13 2013

Change of Plans

comprare vardenafil pagamento online Yesterday was Hubby’s birthday and my plan was to offer him a birthday blow job after his birthday dinner and after Little Tomkat was in bed. We came home from dinner and I turned on Sons of Anarchy, which always puts me in a naughty mood.  I think it’s because I can’t resist watching the …

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go to site Sep 19 2013

Two Weeks I’ve been unable to communicate with SNS Guy for two weeks.  Two weeks. In the online world, that’s like a year, isn’t it? Time is different in this world. Not hearing from someone for two days is a big deal, and responses are expected for emails within 24 hours, at the most.  Sooner is better, …

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Aug 07 2013

Summer Break is Over

I’m surprised any of you are still here, Prowlers. I’ve been gone way too long. Why? Many reasons.  Work. A touch of depression. Lack of action. And just generally nothing to say. But then someone pointed out to me that the news alone is a treasure trove of ideas.  Anthony Weiner is just the start, …

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Jul 17 2013

Have You Ever Felt Like This?

Thanks to SNS Guy for sharing this with me.

Jun 17 2013

Do you know…..

… hard it is not to burp, cuss, fart or scratch inappropriately for three full days?  Trust me, it’s not easy.  When you go on a regular “date,” you just have to hold it together for a few hours.  Anyone can do that.  That’s amateur stuff. Being on your best behavior for three days puts …

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Jun 12 2013

Like a Virgin

Yes, that’s exactly how I’m feeling today. Like a virgin. No, I’m not referring to Madonna’s song from the 1980’s, although I do direct young women to that video as an example of what over-accessorizing and too much eye make-up look like. I’m feeling like a virgin because I am about to do something I …

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May 21 2013

When I Wasn’t Looking…

Hi, Prowlers. I suppose it’s time for an update, isn’t it? It was a month ago that I declared I’d be returning to fidelity, even though it had been a couple months before that since I had been with anyone besides Hubby. Here we are, a month later, and I still haven’t played with anyone except the guy who …

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