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Dec 24 2014

Santa Porn Self-Pleasure

You may remember that I love peppermint lube. This is even better! I know there is no Santa is this pic, but I can tell that this naughty young thing is either waiting for Santa or she is performing for him right now. Santa porn is an inclusive genre.

Dec 23 2014

Santa Porn Week Continues

I love how Santa just keeps giving and giving, don’t you? Will you be my Santa? The name of this picture is “Ass Fucked by Santa.”  Santa sure does know what I want for Christmas. How do you like Santa Porn Week so far?

Dec 20 2014

Familiar Ecstasy

It had been a very long time since I’d seen JJ, and for most of that time, we didn’t have any contact, either, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Well, I knew it would be great, but all the certainty I used to have about him was gone. Would we still have any chemistry? …

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Dec 15 2014

Listen to Kat, Sweetie

Have you ever thought, “I’d really love to hear Kat’s voice?” Well, now you can.  I have two new recorded calls on NiteFlirt you can listen to over and over if you’d like. The first one is a fantasy.  What would it be like if you surprised me at home while Hubby was away? I’ll …

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Dec 15 2014

Santa Porn

Thanks to the U.K., I may get to have another fantasy fulfilled: Santa porn!   If you have more pics of Santa porn, please share them.  

Dec 14 2014

Fisting Banned in Porn? Say It Isn’t So!

As you probably know by now,  the U.K. banned a whole bunch of things in U.K. porn. This doesn’t mean that all these acts are banned, just that they are banned in porn. Of course, some of these acts are staples in porn and many are staples in my sex life (or I’d like them to …

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Dec 13 2014

Messy Sex

I’m a big fan of messy sex. Not that sex has to be messy for it to be good, but being sweaty and gooey is definitely a good thing.  It means we had a good time.  It means we went all out.  It means we focused on how we felt, rather than on how we looked. …

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Nov 25 2014

We Are a Community

While I was posting about the Bad Girl Bloggers Award earlier, it got me thinking about some of the wonderful sex bloggers who have disappeared over the last five years.  They disappeared for many different reasons. Two of my favorites (Riff and Ms. Inconspicuous) were sex bloggers (infidelity bloggers, to be specific) who were exposed …

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Nov 25 2014

Bad Girl Bloggers Award

Thanks to Lola and HH ( for the awesome Bad Girl Bloggers recommendation.  It’s true.  I’m a bad girl, and a blogger. The Bad Girl Bloggers Award was created in the spirit of recreating the blogging community we had a few years ago. So Lo and HH selected 25 of the hottest female bloggers they …

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Oct 23 2014

Hey, Red! – FFF – 10/24/14

“Hey, Red!  This guy wants to talk to ya.  Ya betta come over here.” Max, the bartender, shouted from across the club. No one really cared. It was almost closing time anyway. Regina looked up from the messy drunk she was talking into one more lap dance to see who Max was talking about. The …

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