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uses of lasix Jul 19 2014

All I Need Is a Little Alpha

enter site Hubby came home last night and we went to bed. I was all prepared, as I said I would be, but he seemed surprised about the whole thing. Hubby:  Oh, you wanna have sex? Kat:  You’re the one who texted me that you took a pill.  Doesn’t that always mean that you want sex? Hubby: …

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The Coupon

As Hubby and I were going to bed last night, I floated a few signals about having sex, like I always do, and he showed no signs that he was interested. So I finished my bedtime routine, turned off the tv, turned off the light and climbed into bed. After about 2 minutes, the light …

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Mar 06 2013

How’s the Weather Back There?

Hubby and I had been planning sex for a few days, but every night something or someone intervened and ruined our plans.  The night before last, it was me.  I fell sleep. It happens. Last night, though,  it looked like it was actually going to happen.  I was finished with my shower and I pulled out Spartacus and …

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Oct 10 2012

October Sex Blog Chain – Hot Sex with the Spouse

Just because some of us prowl doesn’t mean that we can’t have hot sex with the spouse, too. This month’s Sex Blog Chain posts are proof that sometimes the fire at home can burn pretty hot. Up on Cripple Creek, She Sends Me is Ryan Beaumont‘s contribution to the Chain this month. I smiled at the reference …

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Sep 06 2012

Hair Pulling Sex God

I wasn’t really in the mood for sex, but I wanted it anyway.  Wait, that’s not entirely true.  I’m just about always in the mood for sex, but last night I wasn’t feeling an urgent need.  I was just feeling that gnawing undercurrent of craving that I live with all the time. I was really …

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Nov 15 2011

Sex for Kat and Hubby after the Big Confession

The Big Confession (or should I say, big confessions?) changed things in my marriage. For those of you who are new here, a couple of months ago my husband confessed that he had been unfaithful for the better part of the past 5 years, with multiple women.  About a month ago, I confessed my infidelities. …

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Oct 21 2011

Where’s Dat Pesky Wabbit?

I know I haven’t updated you yet on how my negotiations are going with Hubby.  Don’t worry.  I will bring you up to speed soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share about my new toy. In Hubby’s effort to spice up our sex life and keep me from prowling (I told him that I …

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