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Saturday Serial – Awakening

dosaggio vardenafil Saturday Serial is about Danny (me) where I use experiences in my own life to create a fictional on-going story. It is a bit of an experiment, but I’ve been enjoying it and I hope you do too. To start at the beginning read Morning Heartache, to read the previous Saturday Serial post read A …

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follow link Nov 19 2011

Saturday Serial – A Tenuous Step Forward

buy generic lasix For those that are new, Saturday Serial is my little experiment. I’m drawing on events from my own life and weaving them into an ongoing story. At this point we have three characters introduced, Danny (me), Rachel (my wife) and Becka. For those that want to refresh their memory, the last chapter was A New …

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Oct 29 2011

Saturday Serial – A New World

Life threw me a curve ball and it has been some time since I posted the last chapter. I hope to be more regular with my Saturday Serial posts from this point forward. For those that have been been following, you may want a refresher. The last post was called Searching. To start at the …

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Sep 10 2011

Saturday Serial – Searching

Last week’s episode can be found here, Surprises. To start at the beginning go here, Morning Heartache. As mentioned earlier Saturday Serial is a bit of an experiment where I draw on events within my own life and blend them into a fictional ongoing story. Enjoy. –DauntlessD_________ Danny wakes up and finds his mind lingering …

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Sep 03 2011

Saturday Serial – Surprises

This is the continuation of introducing two characters. The first part can be found here Morning Heartache. Saturday Serial continues. _______ Sighing heavily, fully expecting “some weird guy in California” to be ignored, Danny replies to her tweet. Shocked he receives a response and a conversation ensues. It’s late, he had had a few drinks. …

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Aug 27 2011

Saturday Serial – Morning Heartache

I’ll be honest. This is a bit of an experiment. Saturday Serial is going to be an ongoing story — an amalgam of truth and fiction. Two characters are being introduced and the first two episodes are based on real events. Enjoy.______________ With a yawn Danny climbs out of bed and stretches, the quiet is …

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