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Spring Break – April Sex Blog Chain

enter site Hi, Prowlers! Don’t you just love springtime?  Everything is new, and we all know I love sex with new men. I have a friend who calls it, “having a need for strange.” Maybe that’s it.  Who knows? This month’s Sex Blog Chain topic is Spring Break, which can be about spring break or sex in …

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Sex with an Athlete – March Sex Blog Chain

We have Ryan Beaumont to thank for this month’s topic, as well as many others. The official topic is March Madness: Sex with an Athlete. Since Ryan suggested the topic, it’s only fair that Ryan go first. Ryan writes about sex with four athletes, who he calls The Final Four, in his post, One Shining Moment. Then, …

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Feb 10 2013

February’s Sex Blog Chain – Love

February is the month of love, so of course that’s the topic for this month’s Sex Blog Chain.Our participating bloggers have quite a variety for you this month. Ryan Beaumont – I Want to Thank You for Giving Me the Best Day – Ryan wins the award for “real life love” this month with his post that highlights …

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Jan 10 2013

The Super Bowl of Sex – January Sex Blog Chain

You never forget the best sex of your life. That’s the topic of this month’s Sex Blog Chain – The Best Sex Ever. Same Sassy Girl starts us off with a series of posts about her first in-person encounter with Philip in many years. It’s beautifully written and very hot.  Take the time to read the …

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Dec 11 2012

Holiday Sex – December Sex Blog Chain

What better topic for our December Sex Blog Chain than Holiday Sex? Let’s start with Max‘s contribution from  Thoughts of a Mystic Satyr. Have you ever had the experience of drinking a little too much at the office Christmas party and then leaving with a colleague?  Max has, and he writes about in his post Office Party. This is …

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Nov 10 2012

November Sex Blog Chain – Sex with a Public Figure

What better way to celebrate the U.S. presidential election than to talk about sex with politicians and public officials? I shared with you last January that Mitt Romney Turns Me On and what I thought Sex with the Presidential Candidates (at least the folks who were running at that time) would be like. But what about …

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Oct 10 2012

October Sex Blog Chain – Hot Sex with the Spouse

Just because some of us prowl doesn’t mean that we can’t have hot sex with the spouse, too. This month’s Sex Blog Chain posts are proof that sometimes the fire at home can burn pretty hot. Up on Cripple Creek, She Sends Me is Ryan Beaumont‘s contribution to the Chain this month. I smiled at the reference …

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Sep 14 2012

Back to School – September Sex Blog Chain

I know.  I should be punished.  If you’re wondering why, you don’t know me very well, do you? Hehehe. Seriously, I was was supposed to have the September Sex Blog Chain post up on Monday, and here it is Friday. I have no good excuse except that my work and home life has just been busier than …

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Aug 10 2012

Kinky Sex – August Sex Blog Chain

Ooohhh, goodie goodie! I’ve been waiting for this month’s Chain post for a couple of months. Who doesn’t like Kinky Sex? For those of you who are new or who don’t know how this works, several bloggers have submitted links to posts that address this month’s topic. It’s a virtual cornucopia of kinky sex. As …

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