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follow Aug 18 2014

The Art of the Alibi

dove comprare levitra generico The main reason that prowlers get caught is because they get sloppy with their alibis. We tend to be very careful in the beginning and then, if we have succeeded at not being caught, we get cocky and start to cut corners and that’s when the disasters happen. A good alibi needs to be simple, …

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From Pathetic Beta Husband to Prowler

This a a guest post from a reader who follows my rules better than I do. He has some great information to share.  This is one post you’ll be very glad you read. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments. **************************************** Hey Prowlers. A week or so ago Kat and I exchanged emails …

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May 21 2013

When I Wasn’t Looking…

Hi, Prowlers. I suppose it’s time for an update, isn’t it? It was a month ago that I declared I’d be returning to fidelity, even though it had been a couple months before that since I had been with anyone besides Hubby. Here we are, a month later, and I still haven’t played with anyone except the guy who …

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Feb 06 2013

A Week of Prowling on Ashley Madison

I just deactivated my AM profile again after a week of prowling and exploration.  I was looking for something/someone very specific this time and I believe I found it/him.  That’s why I shut down the profile.  Who needs a million unwanted messages?  Not me. The whole experience was interesting, though.  Some things haven’t changed.  The “Wanna …

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Jul 28 2012

The Lingering Trauma of Prowling

By Somewhere Man The picture taunts me at work. Every day. The beautiful woman that I fell in love with last year is still in my life. Only she isn’t. This woman, whom I wrote and wrote about amid the heartache and heartbreak of last fall, now has a prominent spot in my office. Her …

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Dec 12 2011

The Other Side of Prowling – A Guest Post by SomewhereMan

This is the dark side of prowling.  When the dark days stretch on and the ecstasy that marked a lover has now turned into despair when she becomes a “former” lover. Perhaps it’s the holidays that do it. Perhaps it’s the short days, where the sun is a faded purple sky by 5 p.m. Those …

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Oct 31 2011

Scary Kat Stories

Happy Halloween! I was about to let this holiday pass with no post because Dauntless did such a nice job with Madison’s Return, but Cara sent me a message asking about a Halloween post. I got to thinking… I could write about different costumes I’ve worn or role paying, but the more I thought, the …

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Oct 28 2011

How I Screwed Up My Prowling

I know how to cheat and not get caught. I didn’t screw up because I didn’t know how to keep it hidden.  I screwed up because I let my guard down and started breaking my own rules and guidelines. I knew I was doing it, too.  I had become so cocky that I didn’t think …

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