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see Jul 18 2012

Lobbing the PWK Bomb

foley catheter removal lasix useage incontinence Daunt here.  We have a smart bunch of readers so I thought I would solicit some advice and generate a little discussion. Recently I decided to check out a few of the more popular dating sites.  I created an account using my DauntlessD persona and just tried to be playful.  After week or so and …

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Top Posts from the Past Week

prednisone 20mg In case you missed them, here are our top posts from the past week. This is a great chance to catch up on your reading. A Naughty Distraction at WorkTolerance and Learning from Each OtherHNT – What’s on *Your* Table?Bulk Mail Booty CallThe Strange Hotel Guy

Jun 10 2011

Wait…..Doesn’t This Look Familiar?

I got an email from Liam a few minutes ago with this screen shot attached:  Then I went to AM myself and, sure enough, there is was. Hmmmm……something looks familiar.  I think I’ve seen an image like that somewhere before….. Oh yeah! It’s a lot like our Prowling with Kat image! Well, they say that …

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May 29 2011

JJ, Kat, Cara, Beth….and Peanut Butter

JJ has now become the first of our prowling friends to meet the whole Prowling with Kat crew in person. He met DauntlessD a couple of days ago, and he met Cara last night. Of course, he’s known me for awhile (yes, in the biblical sense). For some reason, introducing JJ to my good friends …

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May 26 2011

The Prowling with Kat Trivia Contest!

The Prowling with Kat Trivia Contest has arrived! Here’s how you play: Read the instructions on this post and The Official Rules on the Trivia Contest page (see the tab at the top of the page, below the title banner). Answer each of the questions in the contest (The questions are below). Email your answers …

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May 20 2011

Kat’s Favorite Sex Blog Posts from Around the Web This Week

It’s finally Friday! I thought I’d share some of the best blog posts I read this week.  If you’re not following these folks, you should be. That’s Two (Regret?) – This was posted today by the Liam, author of The Accidental Philanderer. Who among us hasn’t wondered about regrets?  The luckiest have few, or none. …

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Apr 14 2011

HNT – A Friend

I have a sweet treat for you today, Prowlers.  A friend of mine gave me a pic to post for HNT this week. She is a daily Prowling with Kat reader and a wonderful gal. Comment and let her know you love her pic.  Also, I think she might be able to be convinced to …

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Apr 13 2011

DauntlessD Meets Hubby

In my post, When Worlds Collide, I shared how difficult it can be sometimes to keep my Kat world separate from my more respectable world. Well, today those two worlds came face to face, shook hands, and introduced themselves to each other, in a manner of speaking. DauntlessD met Hubby. First, let me back up …

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Mar 24 2011

Contented Kat?

I was chatting with a good friend this morning (yes, a prowler) and he brought up the topic of being content, not needing to actively prowl.  He’s got three honeys in his prowling queue, and he’s pretty happy with that (and them). The thought of actively looking for more is just not appealing to him right …

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Mar 10 2011

Kat’s Back!

Have you missed me? Some of you know that I’ve been buried in work and family responsibilities for the last several weeks and I’ve been unable to post. Thank you to those of you who took the time to send me a note asking how I am or asking me to post again. It’s so …

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