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Oct 01 2014

Between Jobs

T and I only managed to find about 45 minutes to meet yesterday.  You’d think it would be easier to make time to meet, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. I was hoping to connect with him around noon after a meeting and spend the afternoon together. Unfortunately, the time he had …

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Aug 09 2012

International Day of the Female Orgasm

I’m not making it up, folks.  Today is International Day of the Female Orgasm. The Brazilians started it, of course, and this is definitely a holiday I can get behind.  You can read more about it here. Because I believe in full participation in international holidays (cue music: We Are the World), I definitely plan to celebrate this …

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Aug 06 2012

JJ’s Lesson for Kat

I was finally going to see JJ after two months of not being able to see him.  Our last two planned meetings were cancelled because things came up, so I couldn’t let myself really believe that it was going to happen until I got the text from him saying that he was there. “There” was …

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May 23 2012

And When I Got Home….

Hubby already had dinner on the table. Wow!  I was impressed.  I figured that all of my naughty texting throughout the day did the trick.  Of course, I was home a bit late from work, but it wasn’t too late. There was flirting.  There was reference to the awesome blow job he had earned. I stroked him a little …

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Apr 21 2012

Heartache and Renewal

Daunt here.  I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, so I thought I’d catch you up on me and Madison. Not long ago Madison and I went on a lovely trip to Paso Robles wine country.  We spent five nights together — this is no small thing considering that she is …

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Feb 18 2012

She wasn’t a Lipstick Lesbian

Daunt here. Well we have another guest post, this one from Clem, and it’s quite a story. _________ The beginning “Well if I get the fuckin’ fanstastic title then I am going to keep working at the naughty. Maybe throw in some selfish and wicked … but in my “sweet” way. 😉 “ Her reply …

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Feb 08 2012

Hubby’s back!

Most of you didn’t know this, but my hubby had to leave town on family business for a week, so for a week I was a single mom.  It was challenging (I salute all of you single moms who bear that responsibility every day!), but it was also very nice.  I was able to spend …

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Aug 14 2011


It had been over 2 weeks since I had last seen him. His job, my job, family commitments – there were plenty of reasons for it, but it didn’t matter to me anymore. So I broke one of my own rules. I sent him a text that said, “If I can arrange to get away …

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Jul 10 2011


I’m laying in bed thinking about you. It’s late. The room is warm, but a cool breeze wisps over me from the ceiling fan, making my nipples hard. Is it the breeze or the thoughts of you? It doesn’t matter. Both are refreshing and welcome in the quiet solitude of the night. It’s dark in …

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Jul 07 2011

Raunchy Hotel Sex

I arrived at the hotel first and found a shady spot in the parking lot to park while I waited for him to arrive. He picked this hotel, so I knew he must know where it is. I checked my email until he arrived. When he drove in about 10 minutes later, he parked right …

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