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canadian levitra generic buy online I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot lately.  Unfaithfulness. Infidelity. Essentially, it means not keeping your promise, and it has come to be used almost exclusively with the act of not maintaining sexual fidelity. Marriages split up because one spouse had sex with someone outside the marriage. It has come to the point where … Continue reading »

cialis generic Dec 07 2013

Roommate or Wife? (Revised)

I have a good friend who is going through a hard time with his marriage. He desperately wants to fix the things that are wrong, but his wife seems to be largely indifferent. ….. My friend requested that I pull the post since his wife might see it, but some of the comments were so …

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Nov 12 2013

Getting Her Back with an Exorcism?

I heard this story on the news last night.  A man kidnapped his estranged wife. That wasn’t the part of the story that got my attention.  He was assisted by the couple’s 20 year old son. Okay, that’s weird, but still not  what turned my head. After they kidnapped her, they took her to a …

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Nov 11 2013

Two Months? Really?

To be more accurate, it has been about a month and half since I posted, but that’s still a l-o-n-g time.  I wonder if anyone is still out there. Anyone? The only explanation I have is that the blog has not been high on my list of priorities. Family and work come first, and they …

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Jul 20 2012

Madison… What happened?

Daunt here.  For those that have been following, you saw my note in Panty Games part 1 that Madison and I are no longer seeing one another.  As promised I’ll share with you what I can along with any thoughts I may have.  But first for those that are new or haven’t been following my …

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Jul 05 2012


One of the things I’ve known for a long time is that I had no doubt at all if this prowling lifestyle was right for me. Some things were missing from my marriage – mostly sexual, but not all sexual – that I could get outside the marriage.  When I had those things, I was happier with …

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May 21 2012

Work, Sex, Communication….and Marital Discord

I know I haven’t been posting regularly, Prowlers. I’m sorry about that.  Trust me, I really want to post often, but sometimes life just gets in the way. This time, it has been work that has interfered. As many of you know, I own a small business and the buck stops with me, as they say. I’ve …

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Apr 28 2012

The Response

I was very moved by the response to the post Why I Cheat, not because I wanted approval of or support for my choices, but because I was struck by how many of us struggle with sexual issues at home. Having a mismatch in sexual desire between spouses is not uncommon at all, but when you’re living with it, …

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Apr 18 2012

Infidelity and A Biology Lesson

Infidelity is fairly common.  Studies estimate that between 50-60% of married men and 40-50% of married women, have at least one extramarital affair. The majority of those men have more than one affair. As you might expect, I read a lot about infidelity and I listen to what people have to say about it. What …

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Mar 08 2012

A Story About a Marriage Made Better by an Affair

I met R on Ashley Madison.  He was a great guy. In his 60’s. Fit. Married for 40 years. Fun. Smart. A good provider.  He loved his wife very, very much.  She was his best friend. The only problem he had at home was the lack of sex and lackluster sex, and those had been …

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