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cialis e generico Jan 11 2012

25 Things That Make Kat Purr

acquistare viagra online con paypal A deep, passionate, wet kiss that lasts for a long time. A sweet expression of affection whispered in my ear. Curling up naked in the dark with a lover- talking, sharing, kissing. Being manhandled in a sexy way by a dominant man, whether I think I want it at the time or not. A deep, … Continue reading »


I come home from seeing you and walk in my front door. I’m met immediately by husband and children, all vying for some attention, each one wanting something, but I’m distracted.  My mind is still with you even though my body is here now. My husband leans in to kiss me, a quick peck on …

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Jun 15 2011

A Text Exchange with JJ

I had a text exchange with JJ last night. That’s not unusual, but I hadn’t heard from him throughout the day so I was a little concerned. I’m not sure exactly what I was concerned about. It was late in the evening and I knew he’d be driving home from work late, so I wanted …

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