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follow Apr 28 2012

The Response

enter I was very moved by the response to the post Why I Cheat, not because I wanted approval of or support for my choices, but because I was struck by how many of us struggle with sexual issues at home. Having a mismatch in sexual desire between spouses is not uncommon at all, but when you’re living with it, …

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price of levitra Apr 09 2011

Surrendering to M (Part 1)

Everything about meeting with M was comfortable. It was a familiar hotel. He had a familiar smile on his face when he opened the door. And that kiss….wow.  I’ve shared with you before that I think I could kiss M forever. This time was no different. There was just something about M that made me …

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Mar 19 2011

10 Tips for Wives to Keep Your Husband from Cheating

Ok, I know that your first reaction to this is going to be that it’s not your fault if he cheats, and you are right, of course. Your husband is responsible for his own behavior. Not only that, but there are some guys who are going to cheat no matter what you do just because …

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