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Now That’s My Kind of Present! Have I mentioned that I love presents? Well, HH and Lola, of My Sex Life With Lola, shared these two very nice photos with me, but they are really presents for all of you, Prowlers. Instead of telling the back story myself, here’s what HH wrote: “Here’s a couple of new and special pics from …

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Cara Lovely Cara…

Kat is on a road trip and asked me to post the latest HNT photos that Cara sent in. Yes, I’m a dog, I love my early sneak peaks; but this time was different. Yes, of course I was awe-struck and drooling and that is when I sent Kat a silly question, “Has Cara’s hair …

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Nov 17 2011

HNT – In the Dressing Room with Cara

Cara went shopping last weekend, and she was nice enough to snap a photo in the dressing room to share with all of us. I think we all need to take up a collection to buy her this hot little number so we can see her in (and out of) it more.  Isn’t she delectable?

Nov 08 2011

HNT – Cara’s Back!

She’s back, but she’s a little shy. Tell her what you think if you want to see more of her.

Nov 03 2011

HNT – Guess who?

Yes, this week’s HNT is a really lousy bowler.

Oct 27 2011

HNT – Can’t We Have a Peek?

I love this picture of sweet Cara. If she would just move one of her legs a little bit…… Let me share some of the frustration we went through for today’s HNT over here at PWK.  First, Cara wanted a week or two off from HNT.  Can you believe that?  How selfish! LOL  That meant …

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Oct 20 2011

HNT – What’s Missing?

Something is missing from this slightly older picture of Cara that you see in her most recent photos.  Can you tell what it is?

Oct 14 2011

HNT – Lady in Red

You’ve seen Cara pretty in pink before, but she looks great in red, too. 😉

Oct 06 2011

HNT 2 – Getting More Comfortable

I promised you another surprise HNT treat, and here it is. I like it when our sweet Cara gets comfortable, don’t you?

Oct 06 2011

HNT – Perfection

Cara’s HNT for this week looks like perfection to me. Check back this afternoon for another HNT treat.

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