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Hey, Red! – FFF – 10/24/14

see “Hey, Red!  This guy wants to talk to ya.  Ya betta come over here.” Max, the bartender, shouted from across the club. No one really cared. It was almost closing time anyway. Regina looked up from the messy drunk she was talking into one more lap dance to see who Max was talking about. The …

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My Lover or My God?

I think of him with longing every day.The thoughts of him flow gently in and out of my consciousnessLike a thick but fading fog giving way to the gentle breezes of morning.I’m cold. Is the cold because of his absence or my nakedness?I know I can’t resist my desire for his presence.The more I try, …

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Jan 10 2014

FFF – 1/10/14 – The Glass Ball

Stacy and Joe meandered through they shops they found in a hidden alley on St. Martin.  Stacy wore her orange bikini with a matching choker around her neck and matching  sarong tied around her hips. While every man they passed turned to look at her, Joe seemed not to notice.  His eyes were glued to …

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Nov 22 2013

Why I Can’t Respond to This Week’s FFF Prompt

Here’s this week’s FFF photo prompt. Unfortunately, I cannot participate this week by writing a couple hundred words of fiction about it. I have a very good reason, though. I fully expected to write something until I saw the photo prompt of the naked woman sitting on gravel.  I wasn’t put off by the flippers, …

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Nov 15 2013

FFF 11/15 – The Photograph

It’s time for my contribution to Flash Fiction Friday. Visit Advisor54’s site to see how others addressed this scrumptious photo prompt. His challenge was to make him come in 100 words. I stole a few more. If he were here I am pretty sure I could make him come with substantially fewer than 100 words; …

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Aug 16 2013

FFF 8/16/13 – Who’s Watching?

I couldn’t have been in the restroom for more than 3 minutes and I came out to find her already riding my husband. Couldn’t she have waited a few minutes? I thought this was something we were going to do together.  That’s what he told me, at least. “C’mon, Katie,” he said. “It’ll be fun! And …

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Apr 12 2013

FFF – Hot Tub – 4/12/13

As Lisa carried the third load of photography equipment to the remote campsite from the SUV she could tell that she was beginning to simmer with anger.  He could have parked closer, for gosh sake. And not only that.  When she signed up to be an intern for this photographer, she knew she’d be carrying …

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Feb 22 2013

FFF – Lighten Up!

Derek had been her best friend long before she introduced him to her roommate, Lisa. In the 8 years that she had known him, he had become like a brother to her.  There was no one she trusted more.  He was always the first call she made when she needed help. He was always there for her. …

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Jan 25 2013

Flash Fiction Friday – Only Filtered Light

When she arrived at his room, she saw a blindfold hanging on the door knob with a note attached. “Put on the blindfold and knock on the door.” Now she was really scared. She met him an hour ago in a chat room for UCLA students and now she was standing at his door, sans panties, about …

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Feb 17 2012

Flash Fiction Friday 2-17-12: “A Ballet on Silk Sheets”

Daunt here. This will be the first time I’ve participated in Flash Fiction Friday. This weeks rules are to write about the photo below using 100 words or less, and include the word “folded”. Let’s see how we do. ____________ Lust, tension, and primal urgency well up within him. His body was on its own …

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