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Give Me More Choices There should be more choices in life, particularly in one’s relationship status on Facebook. I get only one choice, so I picked, “Married.”  But what if I could pick more than one status?

Would Anyone Like to Check In?

click Maybe I should start handing out badges for men who check-in at my “special place.” And I could have special ones for every five check-ins. What do you think?

Oct 11 2012

Facebook Fuck Up

This one is filed in my “oh my god, I can’t believe I did that” file. I sent out a message to about 40 people on Facebook yesterday. Business owners, close friends, family (including Hubby’s extended family). It was a plea for a local businessman who has lost his business and his home and is pretty much …

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May 25 2012

When Your Wife’s Pie Gets Cold…

I ran across this on the Ashley Madison Facebook page this morning and I just had to share it. Admit it.  It makes you smile, doesn’t it?

Nov 04 2011

Come on, +1 Me…and I’ll Give You Naked Pictures

You know you want to. Do you see that little +1 icon at the bottom of each post? That’s like Google’s version of Facebook’s “Like” button. Go ahead.  Go down there and press it.  Push my button, Baby. Why? Because I’m a Google whore. I know what you’re thinking. “Kat, if you were a real …

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