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Writing in the Real World

acquistare viagra online generico 100 mg a Verona As most of you know, I write for a living.  I used to do only one type of writing – the most stressful, tedious, boring kind that you can imagine (also the most lucrative), but I’ve branched out in recent years and now I’ll write just about anything I can get someone to pay me …

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real cialis online Jun 05 2011

Read Something Naughty with Us

drug like clomid About seven months ago, DauntlessD and I started reading erotica together.  We’d select a book, start reading, and have email and chat discussions about the book as we went along. It added a new dimension to our friendship, and it gave us both a way to explore and talk about things that might not normally …

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Apr 19 2011

A Fantasy in the First Person

You’ve explained to me that things are going to be different this time, and that you want my full obedience. You know I will do whatever you want, that it excites me to do what you want, so I have no trouble agreeing to obey you. You send me an email telling me that when …

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Apr 06 2011

The Window – Erotic Fiction

Your heels make metronome like clicks on the concrete. You rummage through your purse, struggling to find the slip of paper with the restaurant address. Unhurried you have time to spare. It has been a long day and getting there early for a few moments of solitude off your feet with a drink sounds wonderful. …

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