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Life is Messy

source url When sex is really great, it’s likely that both parties end up sweaty and slick with a variety of fluids. The kids who have the best time at the park come home with dirt on their clothes and smiles on their faces. When I’m on a deadline for a project that’s about to make me … Continue reading »

No More DauntlessD

You may have noticed that Dauntless D, my blog partner and close friend, is no longer listed as an admin for PWK, and you certainly cannot have missed the fact that he hasn’t written in many, many months. You won’t see him here anymore.  He has decided to move on. More specifically, he has a …

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Jul 23 2012

DauntlessD, Where is he now?

Daunt here.  I know I haven’t written as much as Kat, nor have I shared as much about myself; but from this point going forward I plan to.  I have no real goal in mind for this post, I’m just writing; and I seem to being lead just to introduce myself.  So, who is DauntlessD …

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Jul 20 2012

Madison… What happened?

Daunt here.  For those that have been following, you saw my note in Panty Games part 1 that Madison and I are no longer seeing one another.  As promised I’ll share with you what I can along with any thoughts I may have.  But first for those that are new or haven’t been following my …

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Jul 18 2012

Panty Games Part 2

Daunt here.  If you read part 1, you should recall I acquired a lovely pair of soaked post orgasm panties.  The following week Madison and I had dinner plans again and I decided to put those panties to good use and tease her a bit. Before our dinner date I wash the the delicate undergarment. …

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Jul 18 2012

Lobbing the PWK Bomb

Daunt here.  We have a smart bunch of readers so I thought I would solicit some advice and generate a little discussion. Recently I decided to check out a few of the more popular dating sites.  I created an account using my DauntlessD persona and just tried to be playful.  After week or so and …

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Jul 15 2012

Panty Games Part 1

I know it has been a while, but yes, it’s Daunt.  The post you’re about to read was written over a month ago and with it I have some bittersweet news to share.  Madison and I are no longer seeing each other.  Her husband discovered the affair and began to put forth truly amazing effort …

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Jul 13 2012

Potpourri from Kat

I have several things I want to share with you, Prowlers, so I thought I’d put them in one post. I’m all about efficiency. Actually, I’m not, but it sounds good, doesn’t it? Naked Women – I love looking at photos of hot women. I’m sure I’m not alone. Raise your hand if you like …

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Jun 12 2012

Planes, Trains… and a Stripper

Daunt here.  I’m winging my way from Sacramento to the east coast.  On the first leg of my trip I get seated in the puddle jumper that is to take me to my next flight.  I’m seated next to another man and as small as the seats are there is barely room for our shoulders. …

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Apr 21 2012

Heartache and Renewal

Daunt here.  I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, so I thought I’d catch you up on me and Madison. Not long ago Madison and I went on a lovely trip to Paso Robles wine country.  We spent five nights together — this is no small thing considering that she is …

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