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Things I Want to Say to Ex-Lovers

go here When a relationship or encounter ends, I do my best to always be gracious. After all, it does no good to express a bunch of anger to the person. I prefer the high road – walk away without saying anything I might regret later and look at the whole thing as a positive experience and a lesson learned. It also …

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go Aug 01 2012

Breaking Up

Ending an affair is rarely easy. It’s more complicated than a normal break-up between unmarried folks who are dating because you have more to consider.  Will the other person still keep your relationship quiet if he/she is really upset? Will the other person accept that the relationship is over or will s/he stalk you for months, putting your marriage …

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Jul 20 2012

Madison… What happened?

Daunt here.  For those that have been following, you saw my note in Panty Games part 1 that Madison and I are no longer seeing one another.  As promised I’ll share with you what I can along with any thoughts I may have.  But first for those that are new or haven’t been following my …

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