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The Best Birthday Gift Ever

source link I went out to lunch today with Cara, Beth, and Hubby.  It was sort of a birthday lunch and Cara told me she was bringing a gift. That was enough to get me excited; I love birthday gifts! But this was especially exciting because I know that Cara makes her gifts by hand, so whatever … Continue reading »

Another Night Out for the PWK Team

Every once in a while, Dauntless, Cara, Beth and I like to go out for an evening of fun.  I am speaking of fun in the old fashioned sense – food, drink, laughter, and so on. No sex, but the conversation is a bit spicier than you might hear around a typical mixed-gender group of …

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May 29 2011

JJ, Kat, Cara, Beth….and Peanut Butter

JJ has now become the first of our prowling friends to meet the whole Prowling with Kat crew in person. He met DauntlessD a couple of days ago, and he met Cara last night. Of course, he’s known me for awhile (yes, in the biblical sense). For some reason, introducing JJ to my good friends …

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