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see Jul 24 2011

Sunday Slacking

follow link I’m not really slacking today.  I’m actually working, which means that my time for PWK is very limited today, so I’ve decided to direct you to some of my favorite posts from this week written by other bloggers.  And I’ll wrap it up with a few of the most popular PWK posts that you may …

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watch Jun 02 2011

What Happened to the Contender?

You might remember P from several of the hotter posts I’ve written (The Contender, All Filled Up, and Like Cool Water in a Desert). We shared some amazing sex for a couple of months.  In fact, there was even some talk that he might take the title of The Best Sex of My Life away …

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Jan 08 2011

13 Reasons Why J Was the Best Ever

There are several reasons why J was the best ever for me (so far). You’ll notice that I don’t mention the size of his cock (although it is quite lovely) or his good looks (even though he is quite handsome). The lesson for you male prowlers out there is that good sex is about so …

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Jan 08 2011

The Best Sex of My Life

I met J on the Ashley Madison website several months ago. I liked him immediately. Sometimes it takes a while to feel comfortable with someone online, but I was at ease with him right away. I don’t know exactly what is was that made me feel so comfortable with him, but he had a sense …

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