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enter Mar 26 2013

Especially for Ryan

enter Here’s proof that Cara really does read the comments, and that she aims to please!

Mar 19 2013

And She Keeps Getting Better…..

She does keep getting better, doesn’t she? How about coming up with a caption for Cara’s newest photo? And if you enjoy what you see, don’t forget to give Cara a big thank you and let her know what you think!

Mar 18 2013

Happy Monday from Cara

Would you have made it to work this morning if Cara were at home with you looking like this? I didn’t think so. If you like this one, wait ’til you see the one she’s sharing with us tomorrow!

Mar 11 2013

A Surprise from Cara!

I told you there would be a surprise for you today.  Cara hasn’t graced us with a photo for a long time, but here she is again, just as gorgeous as ever. After you get over being speechless at how beautiful she is, leave her a comment to share your thoughts.

Nov 29 2012

Laundry Day

Well, lookie here…. I guess Cara ran out of clean clothes. Apparently I’m not the only one who wears fuck-me-pumps while doing the laundry. Raise your hand (or comment below) if you want to help her wash that apron.

Aug 23 2012

HNT – Back to School Special

Were you wondering when Cara would be back? Well, here she is! Doesn’t she make you want to go back to school? And what do you think she’s going to do with that ruler?

Aug 13 2012

Soccer Mom Borrows a Shirt

Poor Soccer Mom! She had no clothes so she had to borrow a shirt.  Wait a minute… I know who that shirt belongs to, so I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Lucky Soccer Mom!

Jul 19 2012

GingerRose – Artistic Beauty

I asked for some lovely ladies to share some photos with us, and GingerRose answered the call! Her photos are unique and beautiful, as is she! Make sure you let her know what you think in the comments. Guys, remember we’re starting a Cock Gallery.  This is a chance for you to share your pics. …

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Jun 12 2012

Eye Candy

I was perusing blogs the other day and I came across one with the most delightful photographic eye candy. Wallpapers by WWC features photos of beautiful people either fully or partially nude.  Eye candy, for sure. Most of the images are photos of men, but there are some women, too, and they are all beautiful. Even if …

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