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follow site Oct 06 2012

The Tension, The Battle

generic propecia will lower the price By SomewhereMan For all of the advice that Kat doles out here and, believe you/me as I write this, it is 99.44% dead-on accurate and true, there is still a bit of ambiguity over how to handle “walking away”. There is PWK and there should be an alternative site called RFP, short for Retiring From …

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Freshly Fucked and Fisted (continued) (This is a continuation of Freshly Fucked and Fisted. If you haven’t read that post yet, that’s the place to start.) After a few minutes, JJ said, “Roll over.”  As I did, I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lube and handed it to him, just in case, even though there were plenty of sexual juices flowing all …

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Sep 18 2012

Freshly Fucked and Fisted

“I’m great! Fantastic. Freshly fucked and fisted.” That was my reply to Seattle Guy when he asked, via text, how I was after my time with JJ. I got to the hotel first and acquired the room with Strange Hotel Guy’s wife and paying with the $100 bill  I weaseled our of Hubby the night …

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Sep 01 2012

To Shave or Not To Shave?

I found a few grey hairs today.  Not on my head, but down there. I plucked them immediately, of course. That made me think, though, that if I keep plucking grey hairs as they show up, eventually I’ll have no hair left, or maybe I should just shave. The reason I don’t shave my private area is that …

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Aug 06 2012

JJ’s Lesson for Kat

I was finally going to see JJ after two months of not being able to see him.  Our last two planned meetings were cancelled because things came up, so I couldn’t let myself really believe that it was going to happen until I got the text from him saying that he was there. “There” was …

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Jun 28 2012

Date with Seattle Guy (Part 2)

You can find Date with Seattle Guy (Part 1) here. We didn’t talk much as we drove. I asked a few stupid questions like, “Gee, the streets sure are complicated here. Is it hard to get around?” Yeah, I know. I would have been better off saying nothing, huh? Anyway, every now and then he would reach …

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Jun 19 2012

Vacation Sex

I’m on vacation for a couple of weeks. That’s why you haven’t heard from me lately, but you’re never far from my thoughts, Prowlers. Unfortunately, the reason you haven’t heard from me so far is the same reason why I was pretty sure there would be no vacation sex for me. I’m never alone. Never. …

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May 15 2012

What He Came For

He arrived in the middle of the night after driving several hours. It was 2:30 in the morning and I had to be out of there by 7:00 and I still hadn’t slept. All-nighters were common when my kids were little (and I was young) and when I was in college (even younger), but staying up all night and …

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Apr 20 2012

Pretending at the Hair Salon

I was getting my hair done yesterday and the gal doing my hair was talking about her new roommate and how much they have in common and how much fun they are having, blah, blah, blah. I’m the type of gal who doesn’t want to talk at the salon.  I want to relax.  I want …

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Mar 26 2012

Frustrated Kat

Hubby came to me yesterday with a very concerned look on his face and he asked if we could talk.  Those are ominous words. “Can we talk?” Honestly, I wanted to say, “Do we have to?” but what came out of my mouth was, “Of course.  What’s up?” I held my breath until I heard …

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