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Where Is This Thing Going?

comprare vardenafil senza ricetta Liguria Affairs are different than other types of romantic relationships in several ways. Of course, there’s the secrecy and the risk, but there’s also a difference in the very nature of the relationship. This is usually difficult for women to understand – and live with – but it seems to fit right into how men think. Most romantic relationships seem …

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Would You Tell?

I made a big mistake with a friend recently. Her marriage has been in trouble, since…well, since it began. Her husband has been physically and verbally abusive to her and her children for years. Their most recent argument had been particularly bad, and she sought me out to talk.  As she was talking with me …

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Jul 18 2012

Panty Games Part 2

Daunt here.  If you read part 1, you should recall I acquired a lovely pair of soaked post orgasm panties.  The following week Madison and I had dinner plans again and I decided to put those panties to good use and tease her a bit. Before our dinner date I wash the the delicate undergarment. …

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Jul 15 2012

Panty Games Part 1

I know it has been a while, but yes, it’s Daunt.  The post you’re about to read was written over a month ago and with it I have some bittersweet news to share.  Madison and I are no longer seeing each other.  Her husband discovered the affair and began to put forth truly amazing effort …

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May 18 2012

The Other Husband

I knew it would happen eventually, but I wasn’t prepared for it. Hubby did all of his fooling around locally – with women I know. These are women I see around town regularly.  One is the mother of a child at my son’s school.  Others attend my church. There’s really nothing to say or do when I …

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Apr 21 2012

Heartache and Renewal

Daunt here.  I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, so I thought I’d catch you up on me and Madison. Not long ago Madison and I went on a lovely trip to Paso Robles wine country.  We spent five nights together — this is no small thing considering that she is …

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Mar 08 2012

A Story About a Marriage Made Better by an Affair

I met R on Ashley Madison.  He was a great guy. In his 60’s. Fit. Married for 40 years. Fun. Smart. A good provider.  He loved his wife very, very much.  She was his best friend. The only problem he had at home was the lack of sex and lackluster sex, and those had been …

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Oct 10 2011

Popcorn Anyone?

I was watching a TV show this weekend with my husband and oldest son (a young adult). The storyline was about a man who was having an affair and the young woman with whom he was having the affair.  Let me say right now that I avoid watching TV shows about infidelity because of the …

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Sep 11 2011

DauntlessD Exposed

I just looked back at my very first post, Nice Guys are *NOT* Attractive, and discovered it was posted back in January. It’s funny thinking about that first post. It took Kat quite a bit of urging to get me write something, anything. During this span of time I avoided exposing my personal life. This …

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Jul 20 2011

The Road Not Taken

We all have to make choices in life. I’ve always been pleased that I could look back over my life and not regret many of my choices.  Even the ones that weren’t so great played a role in making me who I am, so there aren’t many I would change. But there is one choice …

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