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see You may not know this, but I love playing Words with Friends. I play with several people, most of them friends in my everyday life, although JJ and I have been playing for years, too. Well, the other day I was playing with a guy I know locally who is happily married and completely unaware … Continue reading »

The Preacher Had a Boner

“Hey, Mom! Did you notice on the movie, The Little Mermaid, that the preacher officiating at the wedding of Ariel and the Prince had a boner?” I just looked at Little TommyKat with a look that was a cross between surprise and disgust. “No, I didn’t notice, and now I won’t be able to help …

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Apr 14 2011

Just a Heads Up from Kat about Blow Jobs

I was going to call this post, “10 Things Kat Wants Men to Know about Blow Jobs,” until I realized that the simple fact that I wrote it implies that these are things I want you boys to know about blow jobs. Then I thought of calling, “Kat’s Advice for Men about Blow Jobs,” but …

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Jan 11 2011

Why I Suck at 69

Yes, I know it’s a fantasy held by many, and I know that any self respecting naughty Kat should be able to do it and enjoy it, but in the spirit of complete disclosure and honesty I have to admit that I suck at 69. For the less experienced among you, I am referring to …

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