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Cara’s Back!

will fail drug test clomid calculator I’ve been asking Cara for some new photos for go site weeks, but she has been really busy and then she was sick. It seemed that she just couldn’t get to it.

source url But then JJ sends her one text asking for some, and they show up within a few hours.  Uh huh.  I see how it is.

I’m sure you remember that Cara loves pink. Maybe you can persuade her to leave a little source less to our imaginations.


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  1. JJ

    There’s nothing hotter than pink sweats!!!!

  2. Ben

    Very sweet.

  3. Anonymous

    Gorgeous, as always!!

  4. Cara Janes

    Thanks you guys, you’re sweet!
    Kat- The only reason I do what JJ asks me to, is because I’m trying to get on his good side. I’m DYING for him to finally agree to allow me into your guys’ bed…

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