Jan 26 2015

Cara’s Back and She’s Cooking!

I know you’ve missed Cara, but I have great news for you.  She’s back!  Here are a few pics she took just for you, Prowlers!  And don’t worry, there are more. I’ll share them one or two at a time over the next week or so.

If you like them, be sure to let her know in the comments!






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  1. ManView

    Nothing like being served a hot meal…

  2. luv2sex.info

    I do like her to come to my kitchen and cook for me too! LOL!

  3. The Alchemist

    That is one beautiful woman from head to toe. And she is cooking all right, not just in the kitchen.

    Nice toes BTW…

  4. Hubman

    Wait, who’s Cara? I haven’t seen her before, but I’m happy to see her now!!

  5. JJ

    Gorgeous as ever!!! Welcome back Cara! You’ve been missed!

  6. Ryan

    Great to see you back Cara! Just please understand that if you ever need some help in the kitchen I make a great Sous Chef! 🙂

    Hope to see you soon.

  7. Lola

    Yeah! So hot!!!

  8. Sassy

    Yowza! Nothing like a gas stove. I never thought of aprons as sexy but Cara really revs them up!

  9. MrKitchen

    The second photo looks pretty fantastic, unfortunately every time I look at the first I think less ‘sexy’ and more “Oh lord that looks dangerous, bare feet on a gas stove top, if she were really simmering something in that pot what if there were an accident repositioning herself. Arrgh. Nope.”

    Definitely look forward though to seeing more Cara, just hopefully in a situation that doesn’t involve bare skin and gas stove tops. Nice oven though!

  10. advizor54

    Well, she hasn’t missed a beat and looks as good as ever.
    Welcome back!

  11. Mike

    is this website still active?

    is there some other place where Kat is posting?

    miss her…

  12. Joe

    I know it is a little sick of me to feel this way, but the wedding ring on her finger makes this 100x hotter to me.

  13. Ben

    Heating me up! Nice ass, Cara.

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