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I was writing yesterday’s post ( The Surprises in Room 139 – Part 3 of 3) when I noticed that my son was reading over my shoulder.


I quickly minimized the screen and turned to look at him.

“What’s up?” I asked.

He looked down for a minute and then looked at me and pointed at my screen. “I saw the word C-O-C-K. What are you writing?”

On the inside, I was screaming, “fuck, fuck, fuck….” but before I could come up with a reasonable response, he said, “Have you been writing fan fiction?  I heard that lots of moms are doing that these days.”

I started laughing. “No, TommyKat. I’m not writing fan fiction. That would be silly, wouldn’t it?”

“I didn’t think you would do that,” he said, giggling.

“I was just writing a barnyard fable. I think you saw the part where I was writing about the rooster.” Then I tickled him and said, “ comprare cialis roma Cock-a-doodle-do!”

He laughed. “Oh, I get it.  Can I read it when you’re done?”

“Of course you can! Now let me get back to work, ok?  We’ll play later.”

And he happily skipped away to play a video game.

I took a deep breath.

Barnyard fable?  How did I come up with acquistare vardenafil online sicuro Campania that? It was the only thing I could think of that would include a respectable use of the word c-o-c-k. Fortunately, all he knows about my work is that I do all kinds of writing for all kinds of people.

Relieved that I’d dodged a bullet, I finished writing the post.  Then I opened a new blank document and started writing “ Trouble on the Farm: A Barnyard Fable.” The protagonist is a very proud and handsome cock who picks on the hens.  If he’s not careful, the farmer’s wife may eat him.


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  1. Hubman

    Our son just turned 14 and he’s developed a habit of slowing down and trying to look over my shoulder when I’m on my laptop. It’s almost like he knows I’m up to no good 🙂

  2. ~McKPR

    Old McDonald had a farm eieio and on that farm…*giggle*

  3. Mick Collins

    Adding to your list of ways to create an alibi….


  4. Anonymous

    You can also cock a gun. Or thank him for catching your spelling mistake (clock, rock, dock, etc.).

  5. Max

    Very funny. 🙂 Nice recovery.

    Here’s a quick recovery I made a while back, which still makes me laugh when I think of it.

  6. Ryan Beaumont

    Now that reminds me of another Barnyard Fable.

    Did it go “all cocks are equal but some cocks are more equal than others…”

  7. lust for love

    very funny !

  8. Kat

    You guys are hilarious. 🙂

    Max – “It looks like somebody spilled something.” LOL When in doubt, the simplest possibility is the best choice. And you DID spill something. 😉

    Ryan – Exactly! I made that connection when I was telling him about the story, but most of the folks here didn’t know about that other book so I left it out of the post. And it IS true that some cocks are just MORE than others.

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