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Between Jobs

T and I only managed to find about 45 minutes to meet yesterday.  You’d think it would be easier to make time to meet, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way.

I was hoping to connect with him around noon after a meeting and spend the afternoon together. Unfortunately, the time he had available after he finished up a job in the morning evaporated when he learned he had another job to get to in the afternoon.

Sure I was disappointed, but I wanted to see him anyway, so we decided to meet for a few minutes. I drove into a parking lot shared by a Carl’s Jr and a grocery store in the town next to mine. It didn’t take long to find his car where he was sitting and reading the paper, shaded by a big tree.

I pulled up next to him and parked.  We both got out of our vehicles and walked to greet each other.

He smiled and said, “A van, huh?”

I was a little confused.  All http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=canadian-viagra-uk acquistare levitra online sicuro Roma I was thinking about was kissing him, but he was one step ahead of me.  I had driven the family van that day, instead of my teeny tiny Civic because I had to pick up a colleague at the airport earlier in the day.

“Yes,” I answered. “I have the van today.”  Then I took his face in my hands and kissed him. Yes, right there out in the open in front of all the shoppers and lunch-goers. T slid his arms around me and kissed me again, deeper and more passionately.

After about 30 second of kissing, we decided to get in the van.  We sat in the front seat first and got back to kissing.  In between kisses, we chatted a bit and I caught myself staring at him and smiling. He had a couple of days worth of stubble (which I love!) and his hair was a bit mussed.  He was a man who had been working, and from my perspective, there aren’t many things hotter than that.  Sure, I like a man in uniform or a tux, but I’ll take one who looked exactly like T did yesterday afternoon over the others any day.

And it doesn’t hurt that my heart melts when he smiles a me, something that still catches me off-guard after all this time.

After a couple of minutes, T suggested that we move to the back seat. We each got out and opened the sliding door on our respective sides. Then we put down the middle row of seats and climbed into the back. I noticed a man in a white truck parked in the row behind us.  He was watching.  I blushed a little because I knew what we were doing would be pretty obvious to anyone who was watching. I pointed him out to T who dismissed it by noting that the windows were tinted so he shouldn’t be able to see.

The side windows are definitely tinted and didn’t worry me at all, but the back window – not so much.  Actually, I couldn’t remember how much the back window was tinted and I couldn’t tell from the inside. We sat down on the back seat and I looked back.  There was White Truck, staring at me.

I started to get even more nervous, but then T wrapped his arms around me and started to kiss me and I didn’t give a damn about White Truck anymore.

We made out like kids for a while, in the middle of the day in the back of Hubby’s van. Did I mention that?  The van is the vehicle that Hubby drives every day, but yesterday it was our hotel room.

I was lost in his kisses when I felt him reaching into my pants and sliding his hand down between my legs. He rubbed my clit slowly while I rocked my hips and moaned into his mouth. I came quickly the first time.  He slid a couple of fingers inside me and I bucked against his hand as I let the orgasm play out.

As is T’s style, he didn’t stop once I had come, but he kept going, changing things up a little but grabbing some of the remaining energy from my first orgasm to start the journey to orgasm #2. I don’t even try to resist anymore. I know he’s going to make me keep coming until he’s ready to stop.  My job is to go with it, so I did.  The second one was source url much more intense. As I started to let go, I put my head back and T kissed and sucked on my neck. I screamed and opened my eyes briefly, just enough to see White Truck staring right at us. It seemed like he could see, but maybe not. I didn’t really care.

After orgasm #2 I was whimpering and wiggling a little, trying to escape some of the intensity I was feeling as T’s fingers continued to work their magic. In no time at all, though, as usual, I was coming again, this time looking directly into his eyes. He smiled, and my heart melted right along with the rest of me.

I know he can keep that going for a long, long time because I’ve experienced that with him before, but were short on time so he stopped after he’d given me three. I snuggled against him purring, and he kissed me deeply. It felt like nap time to me.

But there was more to do. I asked him if I could have a taste.  He agreed, but he looked around nervously as he unfastened his pants, talking about the tinted windows again.  I glanced back and saw White Truck, as focused as ever.

T scooted over to the end of the seat and I knelt/squatted/sat between the second and third row of seats so I could easily access his gift for me. There was no time to play and tease, so I got down to business.  I took him into my mouth slowly, sucking off some precum and increasing the speed and tightness over the next minute or so. I felt his hand on my shoulder and he pulled on my hair a little bit, but not much. He came soon, but it didn’t seem very intense.  I figured he was just uncomfortable being in public like that.

We talked and kissed a little while more.  Then I asked, “Can I have some more?”  I looked down at his cock and then back at his face.

What’s a guy supposed to say in that situation?  T said, “Sure,” giving me access again, Then he added, “I know you know how to raise the dead.”  And I did.

I knew he was more into it the second time because he grabbed my hair tightly and pumped my head up and down exactly as he wanted. I could hear him breathing harder and moaning, and then he pushed and held me down on him and groaned wildly when he came.

As his cum was spurting into my mouth, I thought, enter That’s my T. 🙂  If I could have smiled at that moment, I would have, but I couldn’t do anything except swallow and wait. It was delightful.

I sat next to him again and we kissed for a few minutes more before realizing that he really had to go.  We stayed longer than we had planned as it was.

As we climbed out of the van I saw White Truck still in the same place and he was still watching. http://martinpresence.com/?search=viagra-professional-50mg Great, I thought sarcastically.   enter site An audience that won’t leave.

We put the van back in the condition it was in before we played.  We double and triple checked to be sure that T had everything he came with, like his keys and his sunglasses. Nothing could be left behind because Hubby would be driving that vehicle within an hour and he notices things.

Before he got back into his car, T gave me a hug and another nice, deep kiss. He got into the car and I saw White Truck get out of http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-100-mg-pagamento-online-a-Firenze his car. I scurried to get into the van, and then I noticed that he was just getting something from the back of the truck before getting back in the driver’s seat and driving away. Apparently, there was nothing left for him to see.

As I headed home, I drove with the windows down for a few minutes to make sure the van smelled as fresh as it did when I left the house in the morning.


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  1. Tom

    Very hot!

    What a jerk in the white truck. Try going on the Internet for your free porn.

  2. lust for love

    LOL! You’re a ‘sucker’ !

  3. Lola

    Sounds as if White Truck guy got a good show! Very fun!!!

  4. Advizor54

    I’m glad the guy i the truck stayed for a bit, made the whole story that much hotter. 🙂 and good on you for not stopping.

  5. ~McKPR

    Hot & sexy! 🙂

  6. Race Erase

    OMG this makes me soooo hot and bothered… kisses

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