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Afternoon Fun in a Honda Civic

farmacia online viagra generico 100 mg a Verona He told me to meet him at this fruit stand off the highway. It wasn’t really a fruit stand, at least not if you’re imagining a lean-to set up by some local farmers on the side of the road. It was more like a fruit and vegetable market, and the place was really crowded. This not the kind of place I typically like to meet because there is just too much potential to be seen by someone who may know me or my husband, but C picked the place and here I was.

disfunzione erettile endocrino I drove in the crowded parking lot and C parked in his car. I found one of the last available spaces and waited for him to jump into my passenger seat. Why my car? Why choose a Honda Civic for a little afternoon quickie fun? Because C drove a Prius, so we were choosing between the lesser of two evils.

prednisone 40mg C got in the car and leaned over to give me a quick kiss – the kind he would give his sister (or his wife) since there were just too many people around for anything more right now. He greeted me warmly and smiled, and made a joke about his interesting choice of meeting places. We both laughed. That sense of humor is one of the things I like most about C. He’s definitely having a good time in life, and that’s very attractive. Oh yeah, and he’s an amazing kisser, too – not to mention his other talents. He gave me some directions as we pulled out of the parking lot, and then it became clear that he really didn’t know where we were going as we searched for a secluded spot to safely – and privately – park. There was more laughter as I gave him grief for not planning better. We had assumed it would be easy to find a place, but it turns out that farmland stretches pretty far and wide around here. He finally thought of a good place and guided us there.

clomid price in mercury drug philippines head Before I go further, I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t we just get a room? What is this, high school? Well, the truth is we hadn’t planned this at all. I was on my way to a meeting and C had managed to escape for about 30 minutes so he called to see if I wanted a quickie. Uh, yeah. Hello? This is Kat you’re talking to. So we set out on our little mini-adventure. Besides, what’s wrong with a little car fun every now and then?

We parked about a mile away from the little produce market on a dead end side road. We put the seats back as far as they would go (which isn’t very far in a Civic) and turned and smiled at each other like two teenagers wondering who was going to make the first move.

Thankfully, he made the first move and leaned over to kiss me sweetly. As his lips parted and he slid his tongue into my mouth, I sighed slowly, relaxing into the moment and returning his kiss eagerly.

Believe it or not, I would have been fine with just that. C was a great kisser and it was a crazy afternoon that just got a little more sane and comfortable.  But C as not settling for that. I felt his hand slide under my blouse and bra.  He pinched my nipple just hard enough to make me gasp, almost as if he wanted to make sure I was paying attention, then after a few moments of fondling my breast he slid his hand down slowly — one of those slow, gentle moves that feels like teasing –until he slipped it in my panties.  As he slid a finger inside me, I lifted my left leg up and put my foot up on the dash. C’s hands are large and strong – you’d never expect him to have such a gentle touch – and after the rushed and hurried journey to our play place, it was surprising that he was now moving so slowly, not hurried at all, sliding a finger in and out of me very, very slowly, then massaging all around my clit without touching it.

He kept kissing me softly….deep full kisses followed by a series of smaller gentle, nibbling ones, then back to the deep ones again.  I knew what he was waiting for and I was thinking that maybe this time I’d hold out, but he knew I wouldn’t be able to.  Within a few minutes, I was rocking my hips ever so slightly, trying to get his fingers to touch me just a little differently, but he’d just smile into our kiss and move his hand away.  I moaned. I really hate being denied pleasure….and I love it, too..and he knew that.

Eventually, he gave me what he knew I needed, and he slid a finger inside me while he moved his thumb over my clit and started circling and flicking it slowly at first, then faster….faster…. It seemed like no time at all had passed before I started to shake. My fingers tightened around his strong arm as I started moaning. Just then, a truck started approaching.  WTF?! I thought this was a dead end road!  Well, we hadn’t paid much attention to the private access road to the farm right next to us.  C pulled his hand out of my panties, I put my leg down quickly and we waited for the truck to pass.  After the truck passed, C looked at me and started to laugh.  I was flushed and breathing heavily, clearly very needy at the moment. I remember moments like this from my teenage years, and I didn’t like them very much then, either.

I put my leg back up on the dash and looked back at C with my eyebrows raised. He chuckled again and got back to business.  I was grateful that he didn’t make a joke about it being time to get back to his car now, but that would have been the kind of thing he would do. While I was thinking that, he quickly got me back to the same shaking, moaning place I was before the truck came along. Some orgasms come slowly and gently, building in a soft crescendo, but not this one. This one came with just a little bit of warning and then a big jolt. I squealed and he kissed me hard as he slid a couple more fingers inside me and filled me as I came.

Then it was his turn.  I had to decide the best way to do this.  I could climb over onto his seat and straddle him, which would be nice, but not comfortable in any way in such a small car, so I decided to unfasten his pants, lean over and start licking.  He was very helpful with the logistics, scooting up in the seat so I could reach easier without completely climbing over the center console. I knew he would cum easily as I took him into my mouth on the first stroke. He was already rock hard–the way he usually got in that moment just before he came– and there was already some sweet precum waiting for me to lap up. Normally, I liked to tease C and make it last a bit when I sucked on him, changing up the tempo and pressure to keep him right on the edge without letting him have what he really wanted until I was ready, but I knew we were both pressed for time that afternoon, so I moved quickly. In a couple of minutes, my mouth was filled with his cum and his hands were entwined in my hair as he held me down on him. I waited until he was completely done, and then I swallowed slowly, squeezing the head of his cock with my throat as I swallowed, making him shudder and groan delightfully.

I licked him thoroughly before sitting up (a good camper always carefully polices the campsite to make sure it’s clean before leaving).  Then I looked at him and had my own laugh because now he was flushed and breathing rapidly. Then we both said, almost in unison, “Well, it’s time to go!” More laughter.

Clothes and seats were adjusted and I drove him back to the produce market to his car.  As he got out of the car, he leaned over and gave me a parting kiss.  This one was a little more than the sister-like kiss I got when we were here about 30 minutes before. He told me I’d hear from him again soon, and then he smiled and waved and moved quickly back to his own car.  I noticed a little bounced in his step that wasn’t there before, and that made me smile.

Note to self: It’s time to sell the Civic and get a Buick.

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