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After Hours in the Office

follow site It’s after hours in the office and everyone is finally gone.  I’m alone. I turn on some soft and relaxing music and settle into my chair to use the quiet time to get some work done before I go home for the evening.

here I try to work, but I’m distracted. My mind wanders to thoughts of his strong hands on me, his arms around me, his deep probing kisses. I squirm a little and try to refocus. I succeed for about 10 minutes until the sound of the air conditioning fan coming on in the office reminds me of the sound of the air conditioner kicking on in the hotel room where I last spent time with him.

I take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  I shake my head as if that will shake off the images of his naked body in front of me just before I took his hard cock into my mouth. It doesn’t.

I look at my phone on the desk and consider trying to resist re-reading the messages he sent me earlier in the day – the ones telling me how much he wants me, how much he needs to be with me, what he wants to do with me when we are together again. I read through them once, then again. I feel a little twitch in my pussy, and I can feel my own wetness.

I sigh longingly and reach up to slide my hands over my breasts.  I can feel my nipples harden through my blouse and my bra, and the sensation of my hands brushing them sends a shudder through my body. I imagine that I’m being touched by his hands.

I decide not to fight it any more.  I stand up and slip off my panties, and reach into my purse to pull out my little pocket vibrator. I unbutton my blouse as I sit back down and unhook my front-hook bra, opening it and freeing my breasts. I turn on the little vibe and rub the head over one of my nipples, then the other, and back again. I tease myself like that because I know that’s what he would do.  He would make me wait until I couldn’t wait any more, until I begged him to touch me where I needed to be touched.

When I think I can’t take it much longer, I move the vibrator down between my legs. As I circle my clit with it slowly, I sit back in my chair, tilt my head back and close my eyes, and open my knees wide apart, imagining that I’m exposing myself for him.

My right hand presses the vibe against my clit a little harder, moving it slowly back and forth like I like it, and my left hand reaches up to pinch my left nipple. Lightly at first.  Then harder. My hips start rocking forward and back.  I imagine the vibe is his finger – no, his tongue – and a needful moan escapes my mouth. I press harder. My hips start to shake as I feel myself ready to cum.  I pinch my nipple even harder, grind the vibe forcefully against my throbbing clit, and moan loudly. My orgasm comes in waves. I release the pressure on the vibe just a little as each ripple of pleasure shoots from my clit up my back.

I call out his name like I would if I were surrendering to him fully.  I see him in my mind smiling at me, enjoying my pleasure, watching me shudder.

As the tide of pleasure recedes, I turn off the little vibe and bring it to my lips, licking and sucking on it like he would have me suck on his fingers, cleaning it completely.  I taste my juices like I taste them on his fingers or his in his kiss.

I open my eyes, and reality is back. My chair is wet with my cum.  So is my hand.  I reach for some tissue and hastily and sloppily clean up. I have a bottle of water on the desk that I use to rinse off the vibe, pouring the water on it over the wastebasket, drying it with my skirt, and tossing it back into my purse. I grab my panties and put them on. My knees feel weak as I stand to slide them over my hips. I turn and look at my chair and groan, wondering how I can get that clean and if it will show a stain tomorrow. I fasten my bra and button my blouse as I head to the janitorial closet to find something to use on that chair.

While I’m cleaning, I start thinking of him again.  When will I hear from him?  When will I see him? When will I share his bed? I feel my pussy twitch again, but this time I firmly say, “No!” out loud, as if I were chastising a naughty child. That makes me smile and shake my head.

I look at the clock, and it’s time to go home and prepare dinner for my family. I grab my phone and my purse and head to the restroom to wash my hands and make sure every button is fastened and that every hair is in place. When I see my face in the mirror, I almost don’t recognize that woman.  The glow on her cheeks and the satisfied look in her eyes are not what I typically see in the mirror before I head home after a long day at work.

As I lock the door of the office behind me, my phone vibrates briefly, indicating a message.  I read it as I walk to my car.  I smile. I viagra in canada pfizer knew he was thinking of me, too.

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  1. Mr. Dryden

    Love it. Hilarious and real. Haute!

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