Apr 09 2013

A funny thing happened…..

Actually, nothing funny happened at all, but that seems to be a good way to start one of those explanation posts where I give you my excuses for why I haven’t posted in the last two weeks.

Hey, don’t complain.  I left you with some lovely pictures of our dear Cara, didn’t I? In fact, those pictures are so hot that I’ll bet some of you didn’t even know I was away, did you?

Anyway, I wish I had a really hot and steamy story I could tell you….something about being in bed fucking every day and night so I couldn’t get to the computer to post. Seriously.  I do wish that were my story.  Alas, the truth is that I’ve just been exceptionally busy.  Between my business and family responsibilities,  my time has been spoken for.  Oh, don’t forget the start of the baseball season and my fantasy baseball obligations.

And there have been big changes in my family life. Big changes.  Not bad changes, but significant ones that have forced Hubby and I to completely change our schedules.  As part of this change, we both have lost some free time (as if I had much before), but you’d think Hubby was giving up his right arm. I’ve never seen a grown man whine and mope so much. This morning, I finally had enough and I told him, “Look!  I’m not getting any outside sex, either.  Get over it.”  Then I left to go to work.

You read that right. No outside sex.  No JJ. Nada. It’s been over a month now.  The first couple of weeks were ok.  Last week was a bit frustrating.  This week I find myself leaning up against the washing machine longer than is appropriate and really enjoying my long showers and detachable shower head…a lot.

I was about ready to accept that I was all done prowling and no one would ever want me again (a little dramatic, I know, but this is me we’re talking about) when I got a text from Single Guy today.  Out of the blue. I haven’t heard from him in months. Then I got a text from C from Afternoon Fun in a Honda Civic.

Wow. You know what I thought, don’t you?

It’s a sign! 

So, I’m back. I’m sorry I just disappeared on you. To those who you wrote me and didn’t get a response, I sincerely apologize. I just wasn’t in a great place, but you’ll hear from me soon.

Tomorrow is the 10th, our day for the Sex Blog Chain.  We only have a few entries but I will definitely post those links tomorrow, probably in the afternoon.

Let’s get this party going again, shall we?


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  1. sin

    glad to see you posting again

  2. Octavia

    Indeed, many happy returns!


  3. H

    I like you wish I had something to write about, I can only write about masturbation so much.

    For a second there I thought you literally meant no outside sex, I was hoping you still had indoor sex 🙂

    1. Tom

      I like that thought, H 😉

  4. All About Love And Sex

    Seems like you’re going to tell us some juicy stuff soon?!

  5. Lola

    Glad to have you back!

  6. Ryan Beaumont

    Hang in there babe! We’re rooting for you!

    So fantasy baseball obligations? Which Giant are you screwing in those fantasies? Do tell! 🙂

    Of course if you were smart you’d be fantacizing about a Nat!

  7. Kate Bristol

    Kat, Welcome back!

    Hope things are going okay in your personal and professional life. 🙂
    Your insight and honest is so refreshing! I always look forward to seeing a post from you in my inbox.

    Take care

  8. Anonymous

    Welcome back sweetie! Talk to you soon!

  9. Kat

    Thanks, Everybody. You guys are the best.

    Ryan – You know I have a thing for Barry Zito. 😉

  10. Advizor54

    So, I’m probably way behind, but no outside sex ever again, or just a dry spell?

    How can we go prowling with you if you don’t prowl???

    Hope all is well!

  11. ~McK

    Oh I’m still rooting for jj!i haven’t seen my “jj” in a month and won’t again until almost July! Thank god Costco sells batteries in bulk. Glad to see you back…

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